Friday, July 8, 2011

Stirring of Excitement

I think I am finally read to start thinking about the beginning of a new school year. It's hard to get motivated to stay inside and "work" when the front door is calling me outside to this:
What prompted this stirring of excitement? The $$ spot at TARGET! Being on vacation this month, in a town that has two stoplights, where the nearest WalMart is 30 minutes away, we have been "deprived" of the retail enticements that such large stores have. So when my daughter and I volunteered to take the MIL to the airport, I admit that we might have had a little ulterior motive (drivethelongwayhomesowecangotoTarget.) Oh. my.goodness. Am I glad we did! I realize that the following pics will make this post way longer than necessary, but I have to share. Here's my haul:
 Mini Pocket Chart--LOVE this! Got three, wish I had gotten more!

 GREAT "sorting" cards for categorizing.

 Capital/Lowercase Alpha Puzzles and Sets to 10 Puzzles

 Bookmarks for STARS and KinderKids Reading Club

 Table Tags with Alphabet Line

This one's kind of hard to see---Animal Action Words 
Card Set

 Calendar Headers for Writing Station

 Small Reusable Dr. Seuss Bags--Portable Station?

Locker Mirrors
(magnetic--to hang on the "Making Words" side of
the filing cabinet--I bought 5)

My "almost favorite"--GIANT 
coffee cup. I think it's supposed to be for ice cream,
but it's microwavable, and it's already had it's first filling
of coffee. (Gilmore Girls, anyone?)

THESE were my favorite find. They're end-of-the-pencil
erasers. We'll use them as pointers.

There WERE a lot of other items that I didn't buy, contrary to what my husband thinks. But I tried to use some restraint. Because NEXT week, we have to go back to the airport. And there just MIGHT be a good reason for me to volunteer again (inoticedadollartreeacrossthestreetfromtarget.) Until then, I think I'll go sit by the lake and read the next chapter of The Book Whisperer.


  1. I wish I could be there!!!! Love your finds!! We looked for the hands here but couldn't find them:(

    Have fun!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. I found the hands in Sarasota Tara. If you go to the airport again check Target again because I have noticed that it comes in waves and gets stocked often. Congrats on your finds.

  3. Wow! Your dollar spot had tons more than ours! I'd have a hard time thinking about the beginning of the year with a view like that. I'm having a hard time thinking about next year and my view isn't anything in comparison!