Friday, June 3, 2011

Being Proactive: Transportation Tags

I think the biggest concern I hear from parents at the beginning of the year is "who will make sure my child goes home the right way?" While it's a huge concern of most parents, it's also a concern for teachers: we ALL want to be sure our little charges get home safely. Our district is very cautious with student transportation---and it is a pet peeve of our principal. And rightly so.

Our kindergarten teachers use the tags below to assist in making sure our students get home the correct way. Parents fill out a form at Kindergarten Orientation telling how the child will go home. The teachers then fill out the transportation tag, which has already been laminated, hole punched and had a "grommet" put in for durability, and attach it to the child's backpack with a "zip tie." This way, any staff member who comes across the child can easily tell where this student belongs, whether it's in the morning as he comes from parent drop-off or in the afternoon as he is getting on a bus. This has worked well for us and has helped our parents, as well as our principal, feel more secure about student transportation.

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  1. Great idea. I understand that both parents and teachers don't want something will happen to the children. Cooperation to each other is important for the implementation of the things they want to do.