Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cheap Peeps!

My husband is always on the lookout for a bargain. Recently, just after Easter, he came home with a bag full of these:
Now don't get me wrong: I think they are cute, too. But that's just what we DON'T need in our house: more candy! Each of these adorable chicks had three small peanut butter cups in them. And he had purchased about 18 of them!
"But they were only 9 cents apiece!" he cried. "The candy alone is worth that!" Hmmmmm....not so sure I agree there.....but I was pretty sure I could find a good use for the eggs!

After removing the candy from the eggs, I put the eggs back in the "holder" he had brought them home in.
And they instantly became: "math peeps!" The game is played like "memory" or concentration. Player one turns over two "peeps." If they match, he leaves them upside down and both players write the number sentence and the sum on a pair of peeps (download the sheet below.) If they do not match, the peeps are turned upright and player two has a turn. Play is completed when all of the peeps are matched.
Lot's of fun--for 9 cents a peep. You can download the "Peep Matching" sheet by clicking on the image below.
I hope to use these other ways, too, especially since they open easily and stay closed tightly. Anyone have any other good ideas for their use?

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