Friday, June 3, 2011

Thinking Ahead to Orientation.....

I've been "creeping," as my oldest daughter calls it, on different blogs looking for "beginning of the year" ideas. I'm not finding much, yet. This is probably due to the fact that many of the schools aren't even out for the year yet. My school system in Florida is one of the "counties of distinction," meaning we have had test scores in the top 10 counties for a number of years. Such schools are allowed to start school anytime after the second week of August. (Other schools have to wait until no more than two weeks before Labor Day.) So while we are beginning our second week of summer vacation, many schools haven't even started the countdown. Good for us now, but once August comes......

Our kindergarten team uses the following form to find out about our students and families. It has worked well for us, with some updating, for many years. I am wondering, though, if there are others out there that are better? If you find a good one, please leave a comment. And feel free to borrow ours.
Click on the picture to download.

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